Once Upon A Crime

Studio Korppikela’s newest web series launched in December 2013, a comic book world inspired web series in association with ONE (Oulun Nuorten Edustajisto), Once Upon A Crime – The Web Series. You can follow the superhero satire’s progress in real time from our Facebook page.

In a world of mighty superheroes and cunning villains, a son of an inventor has to return to the past to prevent the death of his mad scientist mother. Thus, altering the time line into the worst possible alternative: the regular world without heroes or villains.

In Episode 0 “Mama Tried To Raise Me Better” economic recession forces two former supervillains, The Jogger and Agent Orange, to try their hand with the basics of the industry.

In “Pilot” the cat burglar Lucifera meets up with the bookmaker of the “End of the World Betting Office”. Both have more to say than are willing to share. Meanwhile Doctor Cynic makes an astonishing discovery in his mother’s abandoned hiding place.

Episode 2 “The Wonder Years Are Over” After failing to relaunch his supercriminal career, the Jogger is forced to take drastic measures. A Russian criminal mastermind sets out to rescue V. Putin from a high-end celebrity rehab. There she meets a former minion, who still craves back to the old days. Meanwhile Doctor Cynic explores an invention which might change the course of history… permanently.

Episode 3 “Doctor Cynic, I Presume?” Doctor Cynic’s first trip trough time leads him (and his very out spoken Guilty Conscience) in the middle of mortal danger. In this episode we discover why doctor always wears his mask and witness what sort of mayhem ensues when two supervillains meet.

Episode 4 “Trouble in the Oval Office” Doctor Cynic’s second trip through time takes him and his high-pitched Guilty Conscience back to the present. But something seems off. Altering the past has changed the course of history. His mother is alive, supervillans and heroes now only exist in the pages of comic books. Who is the president of the United States? And is Doctor Cynic… married?

Episode 5 “Heroes & Villains”
After restoring the past back in order Doctor Cynic’s time machine suddenly leaves him in year 2010 – the last good years of supervillainy. A major heist takes place in Paris and two supervillains run into a pair of local caped crusaders: Golden Frog and the Mime.

Episode 6 “The Documentary”

Find out the shocking truth about the world of supervillainy! Straight from the year 2012!
An entirely improvised episode.

Episode 7 Coming in December 2015

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