Short Films

Studio Korppikela has produced numerous non-proft short films. Our pieces have tackled with important issues such as how to survive on a deserted island after your pirate ship crashes. We also know how to have a good time with our local hockey team Kärpät.

Here are our short films. You can find the History for Idi0tz series on its own page. Bloopers and other videos you can watch straight from our Youtube channel. And while you’re there, why not subscribe to our channel and show your support?

Modernin vampyyrin ongelmat (2019)

Oulun Pimento TRAILER (2019)

Fandomelokuva (2018)

Pirates of the Bothnian Bay: The Bewitched Sea (2017)

Fandomelokuva (2017)

Pirates of the Bothnian Bay: The Pirate’s Pilgrim (2015)

Mökkinaapuri (2015)

Ruumissaari (2014)

Kultu ry’s promotion video (2014)

Pirates of the Bothnian Bay (2014)

America’s Next Supervillain (Fake Ad) (2014)

Reaper’s Lunch Hour (2012)

Nauhalla (2011)

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